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Information is provided by Members of the FERMANAGH-GOLD mailing list

Civil Parishes in County Fermanagh Ireland

Y-DNA Connections

Member Family Name Haplogroup Civil Parish
Bonnie in Kitchener, Ontario ACHESON G-M201 Devenish
Joan Poole ARMSTRONG R-M269 Drumkeeran
Dianne Armstrong ARMSTRONG R-M269
Kerry Johnston JOHNSTON I-M223
David Johnston JOHNSTON I-M223 I-Y8831
Nigel Wadsworth WADSWORTH G-M201
Marge in Southern California R-M269 R-L21

Information provided by members

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Wiki etiquette

This wiki is a shared resource for members of the FERMANAGH-GOLD mailing list. Members are welcome to add information that is relevant to family history in County Fermanagh. You must ensure that you own the copyright to anything you contribute and must be prepared to contribute all information under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Please do not edit or delete other members contributions. Uploading inappropriate content, editing, or deleting other members contributions will result in your access being revoked. The ultimate decision on all content and access is retained by the owner of the wiki.

Please place your information in a page under the relevant civil parish that the information relates to. It is also advisable to create a sub-page or sub-namespace to place your information and link that sub-page or sub-namespace to the main page for the civil parish so that it is easily found.

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