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Welcome to the FERMANAGH-GOLD site, the place for people researching their Fermanagh ancestors.

Search Engine

Search through the databases compiled by our members FERMANAGH-GOLD Search Engine

Mailing List

Join the mailing list to contact members searching for Fermanagh ancestors: FERMANAGH-GOLD Mailing List

Useful Links

FERMANAGH-GOLD Mailing List Archives (mailing list members only)

Fermanagh Genealogy Centre

The old RootsWeb FERMANAGH-GOLD list archives

List of parishes and townlands in County Fermanagh: Website

Some genealogy information about Fermanagh: Atavus.Org Fermanagh

Ireland Genealogy Project for Fermanagh: IGP-WEB Archives for Fermanagh

Useful list of websites: Fermanagh-GOLD Sites

List of member interests: Fermanagh-GOLD Members Interests

Member Submissions

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